Darrell Hammond

Darrel HammondThe Karaoke Killer.
Actor/comedian Darrell Hammond fondly recalls his first taste of show business at age five practicing the impressions of his family members on the porch of their home in Melbourne Florida. It wasn’t many years later when Darrell realized he wanted to submerse himself in the pursuit of bringing his comedy and impressions to a much bigger stage. For seven years now, Hammond has brought to life a cavalcade of politicians, media figures, celebrities and news makers on television as a “Saturday Night Live” cast member. Darrell is known for being one of the most prolific comedians of his time. In addition to SNL, he frequently tours comedy clubs and theaters, boasting a wide array of brilliant impressions.
Each and every one of his impressions have been applauded by critics and viewers alike, for their accuracy and range.  In fact, Darrell’s impression of Al Gore was so powerful that it was said the former Vice President studied Darrell’s gestures in preparation for the Presidential debates.  Amongst the great number of other people he mimicks are Bill Clinton, Sean Connery, Regis Philbin, Dan Rather, John Travolta, Jesse Jackson, Richard Dreyfus, Jay Leno and Ted Koppel. Darrell also displayed a small handful of his famous comedic characters on last year’s telecast of the Primetime Emmy Awards.
In addition to appearing in sketches, Hammond has been seen in a number of feature films and television shows, displaying his talents in both dramatic and comedic roles. Most recently, he has finished shooting the Screen Gems feature “Weiners” and the Regency feature “Bob Bailey’s Disco Balls”. He has also starred in Warner Bros’ “New York Minute” opposite Mary Kay and Ashley Olsen and in the Dimension feature “Scary Movie 3”. He received tremendous reviews last year appearing as a deranged but intense criminal defense lawyer in Dick Wolf’s “Law and Order: SVU”. His other film credits include an appearance in Universal’s “Blues Brothers 2000”, Disney’s “Celtic Pride”, and the voice of Master Little in Disney’s animated hit “The King and I”.
Although it has been a dream come true for Darrell to be a regular on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live”, one of Hammond’s biggest honors came at our nation’s capital in April 1997. During a surprise appearance with President Bill Clinton, Hammond was widely praised by the media for his dead-on impression of the President at an event before a great number of government officials and members of the Washington Press Corps. In an equally as impressive fete at 2001’s White House Correspondent Dinner, Darrell received a standing ovation for his performance in front of 2000 press people and President George W. Bush.
Darrell continues to move audiences with his comedy, performing in New York and throughout the entire country.  Most recently Darrell gave Comedy Central its biggest ratings to date for a 1/2 hour comedy special performing in his own “Comedy Central Presents: Darrell Hammond”.
Hammond is a proud resident of the Hell’s Kitchen area of Manhattan.